Trade Promotion Organization in Asia (Member Organizations)

General Directorate of Trade Promotion (GDTP)

H.E. Kao Kosal
Director General
General Directorate of Trade Promotion is a government organization under MOC, responsible for a state management , coordination and implementation of trade and trade related investment promotion activities in Cambodia.
Main Activities
  • Collect information on the awareness / Preference of domestic product in global market
  • Match making between domestic companies and foreign partners
  • Organizing and participation of domestic and internation events

Information of Organization

Name General Directorate of Trade Promotion (GDTP)
Status Government Institution
Date of Foundation 2014
HQ Address Ministry of Commerce, Lot 19-61, MOC Road (113B Road), Phum Teuk Thal, Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh
Upper Organization Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia
Office Domestic : 1
Abroad : -

Services for Foreign Companies

1. Business Matching

GDTP offers following services for business matching/arrangement:

  •  Support for participation in:
  •    - Business matching events
  •    - Exhibitions
  •    - Seminars, symposia and workshops
  •  Support for making appointments with companies in Cambodia

GDTP hosts only one OPOP (One Province One Product and Import-Export Exhibition) event every year in Koh Pich Exhibition Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and GDTP invites ASEAN countries, foreign companies are welcome to participate. During this international trade event, the Ministry of Commerce will hold the program as follows:
1.Organize booth set up and logistic arrangement
2.Display ASEAN National Pavilion and showcase
3.Arrange trade visit enterprises and attend other business investment forum
4.Organize the Forums on Business and Investment Opportunities and other Trade Aspects in Cambodia, Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Trade matching
 For more information:
Please contact General Directorate of Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce at Lot 19-61, Russian Federation Blvd, Teuk Thla Village, Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
   - Contact numbers: 012 600 778/095 929 192/098 332 233/017 555 799/098 842 119 or
   - Email: / / / /

2. Information Provision

(1) GDTP provides following information about Cambodia:

  •  Business environment (intellectual property protection, regulations and restrictions, license system, etc.)
  •  Business events (exhibitions, business matching events, etc.)
  •  External institutions:
  •    - Lawyers and tax accountants
  •    - Business human resource

The information about markets, industries and business environment the businessman came to Discussion with Department of Market Development, Ministry of Commerce. GDTP is working closely with Intellectual Property Agency and provide latest and detailed information about intellectual property protection through the website. A database of exhibitions taking place in Cambodia is also available for public use. GDTP has an extensive network with various industrial organizations in Cambodia. Lists of lawyers, tax accountants and interpretation services are available to be provided to foreign companies.
 For more information:
 Intellectual property protection 
 Exhibitions in Cambodia 
 List of lawyers, tax accountants and interpretation services 

(2) GDTP provides business information through:

  •  Magazines
  •  Websites
  •  Mail magazines
  •  In person (Business consultations at GDTP's overseas branches)

GDTP also provides information by Facebook and website MOC, which has more than 638K line at this time. The latest information is also available on GDTP's official website. GDTP also accepts requests from foreign companies for brief consultations at its overseas offices.

3. Survey and research

GDTP provides following services upon request from foreign companies:

  •  Contracted survey/research

GDTP does not have this kind of service yet. However, if foreign companies request, GDTP will provide the research services by contract through introduce the free land consultant for a fee (around 3,000-5,000 USD).

4. Inward investment

GDTP specifically offers following services to foreign companies which are considering investment or have already started operation in Cambodia:

  •  Providing information on investment environment
  •  Holding overseas seminars on investment in Cambodia
  •  Providing support on public relations
  •  Matching with potential business partners
  •  Introduction of human resource companies

GDTP has experts in the field of investment into Cambodia who can provide wide range of information such as investment environment. They can give foreign companies support for public relations such as advertisement on the Internet or other media in Cambodia. They can introduce potential business partners and human resource providers to foreign companies as well. GDTP hosts seminars on investing in Cambodia in many cities around the world. For selected foreign companies, free lands in special economic zones are available.
 For more information:
 Incentives for foreign companies investing in Cambodia 

5. Other Services

  •  Temporary office space
  •  Accepting/dispatching interns
  •  Industrial tours
  •  Translation services

GDTP can arrange the logistic services such as accommodation, transportation and customized industrial tours for foreign companies interested in starting or expanding business in Cambodia. Translation services are provided by fee of charged.
 For more information:
 List of services for foreign companies 

Basic Information

Country/Region Cambodia
(sq km)
Population (millions) 14.5
Capital Phnom Penh
Language Khmer
Religion Buddish

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Other Information

Cambodia is agriculture country, we produce plenty of agricultural products such as Rice, Cassava, Cashewnuts, pepper, Maize, Soyabean, and other muson fruits and vegetable.