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Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM)

Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute is the official entity responsible for promoting Macao's trade and investment activities. To be precise, the objectives of our Institute are to promote external trade, attract foreign investment and to develop trade and economic relationships between Macao and the rest of the world, by increasing mutual understanding and promoting economic co-operation. Hence, we strive to serve business communities, both local and overseas by providing service and technical assistance. Besides, we also actively promote Macao and it's business environment to overseas investors in order to strengthen trade and economic co-operation in all areas and to promote trade and investment in the Territory.

Information of Organization

Name Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM)
Status Government Organization
Date of Foundation 1994
HQ Address Avenida da Amizade, no. 918, Edf. World Trade Centre,
1 - 4 andar, Macau
TEL : +853-87989287
Upper Organization -
Office Domestic : 3   Abroad : 7

Services for Foreign Companies

1. Business Matching

IPIM offers following services for business matching/arrangement:

  •  Support for participation in:
  •    - Business matching events
  •    - Exhibitions
  •    - Seminars, symposia and workshops
  •  Support for making appointments with companies in Macao
  •  Accompanying on company visits

Regarding to business matching or arrangement for foreign companies, IPIM normally arranges in two ways: first by prearrangement i.e. pre-schedule the date and time as well as identify the right counterpart to meet. Second, on site business matching: in order to create channels for exchange and co-operation, during exhibitions, IPIM, as an organizer, will provide free "Business Matching Services" to assist foreign companies for identifying the right business partners. Foreign companies are welcomed to participate in events and exhibitions organized and co-organized by IPIM. In some cases, IPIM would provide free accommodation and transportation to foreign companies.

2. Information Provision

(1) IPIM provides following information about Macao:

  •  Markets and industries
  •  Business environment (intellectual property protection, regulations and restrictions, license system, etc.)
  •  Companies
  •  Business events (exhibitions, business matching events, etc.)
  •  External institutions:
  •    - Industrial or business-related organizations
  •    - Lawyers and tax accountants

IPIM provides trade, economic, statistical, general information and market analysis to assist foreign companies in exploring the market and the development of their business. As part of its information service to the business community and general public, IPIM has an Information Centre opened to public. The Information Centre is a small library, specializing in trade, economics and investment. Meanwhile, latest information about markets, industries and business environment can be obtained through IPIM's official website. Information of service providers (MICE, Cultural & Creative Industry, Manufacturers, Importers / Exporters and other services) is also available for public use in the Macao Business Database.
And to assist Macao enterprises to explore business opportunities of Mainland China, IPIM has set up six liaison offices located in different regions of China. Through these connections IPIM can also assist overseas investors to expand and explore the Mainland China market by providing consultation services and market information.
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(2) IPIM provides business information through:

  •  Books
  •  Magazines
  •  Websites
  •  Mail magazines
  •  In person (Business consultations at IPIM's overseas branches)

IPIM is also responsible for editing and publishing of trade and economic magazines to promote Macao's business environment.
The "Macao Image" is a semi-annual publication, with a total circulation of 8,000 copies per issue. The magazine covers information on industry, trades, investment and the service sectors of the territory. It serves as an important guide for buyers and investors around the world to get acquainted with Macao. A trade directory, classified by major industries, is also included.
"Macao TradeInvest Information" is published bi-monthly and distributed to the local, mainland China and overseas business community. It provides comprehensive information, including overseas trade opportunities, the latest market and product development, the recent activities of the Institute, major statistical figures and up-to-date countries' economic reports, schedule of upcoming exhibitions and training courses.
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3. Inward investment

IPIM specifically offers following services to foreign companies which are considering investment or have already started operation in Macao:

  •  Providing information on investment environment
  •  Holding overseas seminars on investment in Macao
  •  Subsidies and loans
  •  Providing land
  •  Providing support on public relations
  •  Matching with potential business partners
  •  Introduction of human resource companies

Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) is the official entity responsible for promoting Macao's trade and investment activities. One of the main responsibilities of IPIM is to introduce potential investors to the local investment environment and opportunities, by providing the "One-Stop Service". The "One Stop Service" provided by IPIM includes:
Free information and recommendations from our professionals; Company registration service; Licenses application; Co-ordination of public institutions by the Investment Committee; Free advice and necessary guidelines for the implementation of project, assistance in finding local partners, human resource, training and import labor, assistance in subscription for Land, Tax or Financial Subsidy applications, etc.
IPIM also organizes business seminars, networking events and outbound business missions, enabling Macao enterprises to connect with their global partners and explore new business opportunities. Every year, IPIM participates in an average of 40 trade events worldwide, where a "Macao Pavilion" is set up to promote the business image of Macao and the city's products and services.
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4. Other Services

  •  Temporary office space
  •  Accepting/dispatching interns
  •  Arrangement of accommodation and transportation
  •  Industrial tours
  •  Support on creating websites in major languages of Macao

In order to strengthen Macao's role as a regional service centre, IPIM, in collaboration with many other government bureaus, has established "Macao Business Support Centre" (MBSC) in 2002. The Centre will serve as a vehicle to reduce start-up costs for foreign investors, enabling them to familiarize themselves with Macao's business environment and the relevant administrative procedures in a relatively short time. Apart from modern office facilities, flexible business secretarial services and comprehensive venues and facilities for various kinds of events and functions, MBSC has a series of one-stop business support services available including enquiries on various government administrative procedures. Thus, foreign investors are encouraged to stay to assess the feasibility of investing in Macao and so it makes the implementation of their investment projects so much easier.
MBSC also plays an active role in assisting foreign enterprises to explore new markets. In this respect, MBSC regularly organizes all kinds of business activities, like visits to relevant government departments and local business associations, local study tours and trade missions to mainland China, focused business project meetings, trade and professional gatherings. All these activities are aimed at assisting foreign investors to become familiar with the local and the regional business environments in a very start hire.

Basic Information

Country/Region Macao
(sq km)
Capital -
Language Chinese, Portuguese (official languages)
English (widely spoken)
Religion -

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By using IPIM's on-line business matching service platform, you are able to look for potential business partners as well as people to co-operate with for your projects and products/services. If you find a suitable match, please inform IPIM by fax on 853 2872 7506 or email with the reference numbers of the item that you are interested in. IPIM shall then arrange a meeting with the people involved, be it a supplier, manufacturer service provider.
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